12 Miniatures

13 Musical Pictures

13 Mélodies

17 Children's Songs

18 Poems

2 Mazurkas

2 Morceaux

2 bluettes

2 polonaises

20 Poems

21 Poems by Nekrasov

24 Poems

25 Poems by Pushkin

25 Preludes

3 Esquisses mélodiques

3 Lieder

3 Mazurkas

3 Morceaux

3 Mouvements de danse

3 Mouvements de valse

3 Pieces from the Last Years

3 Psalms

3 Romances

3 Scherzos

3 Valses

3 impromptus

3 morceaux

4 Morceaux

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5 Choruses

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6 Romances, Op.10

6 Songs of the Western Slavs

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7 Romances and Duets

8 Romances

8 Vocal Quartets

9 Vocal Quartets

A History of the Literature of Piano Music


Another 17 Children's Songs

Ave Maria




Budrys and His Sons

Cantata for the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty

Chorus mysticus

Christ's Resurrection

Compositions for Pianoforte

Echoes of War

Feast in Time of Plague

From My Tears

Greetings to the Dear Kerzin Household

Hymn to Futurism

I Remember the Evening


Introduction to the opera "The Stone Guest"

Ivan the Fool


La musique en Russie

Last 17 Children's Songs

Le flibustier

Les adieux de Guyot-Dessaigne

Les deux ménétriers

Les trois oiseaux

Little Red Riding-Hood

Mademoiselle Fifi

Many Years to You

Marche solennelle

Mateo Falcone


Petit prélude No.1

Petit prélude No.2

Petite suite

Prelude in A-flat major

Prelude in G minor

Prisoner of the Caucasus



Scherzo (à la Schumann)

Scherzo No.1

Sept mélodies

Seven Poems by Armenian Poets

Strike the Teuton

String Quartet No.1

String Quartet No.2

String Quartet No.3

Suite No.2

Suite No.3

Suite No.4

Suite concertante, Op.25

Suite for Piano

Suite miniature


The Captain's Daughter

The Mandarin's Son

The Ring of the Nibelungs

The Russian Romance

The Sarecen

The Snow Bogatyr

Theme and Variations


Valse mélancolique


Violin Sonata

William Ratcliff

Your Poetic Art

À Argenteau