12 Etudes Melodiques, Op.16

12 Progressive Lessons

2 Piano Trios

2 Sonatas

2 Sonatas for pianoforte with violin op.69 (Dussek, Jan Ladislav)

3 Grandes Sonates pour le Piano-Forte

3 Quatuors

3 Sonatas

3 Sonatas and 3 Preludes, Op.31

3 Sonatas for Keyboard with Violin, Op.5

3 Sonatas for Piano and Violin

3 Sonatas for Pianoforte with Violin ad libitum

3 Sonatas for Pianoforte with Violin or Flute, Op.51

3 Sonatas for harpsichord or piano with violin and cello, Op.24

3 String Quartets

3 Trio Sonatas for Pianoforte, Violin and Cello

6 Canons for 3 and 4 Voices

6 Piano Sonatinas

6 Piano Sonatinas, Op.20

Alla tedesca


Berühmte Sonaten und Stücke für Pianoforte


Combat naval

Concerto for 2 Pianos

Concerto for Harp or Piano

Duet for Harp and Piano

Duo concertant pour Harpe et Piano

Duo in F major

Fantaisie, Op.76

Fantasia and Fugue, Op.55

Grand Concerto for the Pedal Harp or Piano-forte

Grand Duo, Op.32e

Grande Sonate for Piano Four-Hands

Harp Concerto

Harp Concerto No. 3

Keyboard Sonata


La Chasse

La Consolation, Op.62

Minuet in G major

Partant pour la Syrie. Romance favorite

Petits Airs Connûs Variés, Op.6

Piano Concerto

Piano Concerto No.12

Piano Concerto No.7, Op.29

Piano Concerto Op.49 (Craw 187)

Piano Concerto in E-flat major, Op.3

Piano Concerto in F major

Piano Concerto in G major, C.4

Piano Concerto, Op.17

Piano Concerto, Op.22

Piano Concerto, Op.27

Piano Concerto, Op.40

Piano Quartet in E-flat major

Piano Sonata

Piano Sonata No.1

Piano Sonata No.10, Op.31 No.2

Piano Sonata No.11, Op.35 No.1

Piano Sonata No.12, Op.35 No.2

Piano Sonata No.14

Piano Sonata No.15, Op.39 No.2

Piano Sonata No.16; Op.39 No.3

Piano Sonata No.17, Op.43

Piano Sonata No.18, Op.44

Piano Sonata No.19, Op.45 No.1

Piano Sonata No.2

Piano Sonata No.20 Op.45 No.2

Piano Sonata No.21

Piano Sonata No.22, Op.47 No.1

Piano Sonata No.23, Op.47 No.2

Piano Sonata No.24, Op.61

Piano Sonata No.25, Op.69, No.3

Piano Sonata No.26, Op.70

Piano Sonata No.29, Op.5 No.3

Piano Sonata No.3

Piano Sonata No.4, Op.10 No.1

Piano Sonata No.5, Op.10 No.2

Piano Sonata No.7

Piano Sonata No.8, Op.23

Piano Sonata No.9, Op.25 No.2

Piano Sonata in E major, Op.10 No.3 (Craw 62)

Piano Sonata in E-flat major

Piano Sonata op. 77, F minor (Craw 259)

Piano Trio, Op.37

Piano Trios, Op.29

Piano Trios, Op.34

Pray goody, the favorite air from the opera of Midas

Recueil d'airs connus variés

Rondo on 'O Dear What Can the Matter Be'

Six Sonatas for the Harp

Sonata for Flute, Cello and Piano

Sonatas for Piano Four-Hands, Op.67

Sonates pour piano

Sufferings of the Queen of France

The Countess of Sutherland

The Plough Boy

The Sufferings of the Queen of France

Three Sonatas for piano with violin and violoncello, Op.21

Trois Sonates progressives

Variations to 'God Save the King'

Violin Sonata in G major

Within a Mile of Edinburgh