11 Vesper Voluntaries, Op.14

2 Part Songs, Op. 26

2 Part Songs, Op. 71

2 Part Songs, Op. 73

2 Pieces for Violin & Piano

3 Characteristic Pieces, Op.10

3 Motets

3 Part-Songs

3 Part-Songs, Op.18

3 Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op.4

3 Songs, Op.16

4 Part Songs

5 Part-Songs from the Greek Anthology

A Ballad for Chorus and Orchestra

A Christmas Greeting

A War Song

A song of autumn

After, Op.31

Beau Brummel


Caractacus, Op.35

Carillon, Op.75


Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op.85

Chanson de Nuit et Chanson de Matin, Op.15

Cockaigne Overture, Op.40

Coronation March

Coronation Ode

Death on the Hills

Dream Children

Dry those fair, those crystal eyes

Elegy, Op.58

Falstaff, Symphonic Study, Op.68

Fly, Singing Bird

Froissart, Op.19

From the Bavarian Highlands, Op.27


Grania and Diarmid, Op.42

How Calmly the Evening

Imperial March, Op.32

In the South

Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op.47

Is she not passing fair?

La Capricieuse, Op.17

Like to the Damask Rose

May Song

My Friends pictured within

Organ Sonata

Piano Quintet


Pomp and Circumstance

Queen Mary's Song

Romance for Violin and Piano

Romance, Op.62


Salut d'amour

Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf, Op.30

Scène Espagnole

Sea Pictures

Serenade for String Orchestra, Op.20


Sospiri, Op.70

String Quartet, Op.83

Sursum Corda

Symphony No.1, Op.55

Symphony No.2, Op.63

Symphony No.3 in C Minor, Op.88 (Unfinished)

Sérénade lyrique

Te Deum and Benedictus, Op.34

The Apostles

The Black Knight, Op.25

The Chariots of the Lord

The Crown of India, Op.66

The Dream of Gerontius, Op.38

The Fringes of the Fleet

The King's Way

The Kingdom, Op.51

The Later Part-Songs

The Light of Life

The Music Makers

The Pipes of Pan

The Poet's Life

The Sanguine Fan, Op.81

The Spirit of England, Op.80

The Starlight Express

The Wand of Youth, Suite No.1

The Wand of Youth, Suite No.2

The wind at dawn


Two Songs

Une voix dans le désert

Variations on an Original Theme, Op.36

Very Easy Melodious Exercises in the First Position

Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.61

Violin Sonata, Op. 82

Weary Wind of the West

With Proud Thanksgiving