12 Progressive Lessons for the Harpsichord, Piano Forte or Organ, Composed for the Improvement of Young Practitioners

14 Preludes and 8 Cadenzas, Op.33

3 Sonatas

6 Duos for 2 Cellos, Op.18

6 Flute Trios

6 Flute Trios from Songs in the Italian Operas

6 Flute Trios, Op.1

6 Keyboard Concertos

6 Keyboard Concertos, Op.23

6 Quintets for Violins, Viola, Cello, and Harpsichord, Op.1

6 Sonatas for Piano and Violin

6 Sonatas for the Harpsichord, Piano Forte or Organ With an Accompanyment for a Violin

6 Sonatinas for the Piano-Forte or Harpsichord, Composed in an easy familiar Style for the Use of Young Performers. N.B. These Sonatinas are calculated to bring Young Practitioners gradually to execute the different Styles of difficult Harpsichord Music n

6 String Quartets

6 String Quartets, Op.2

A favorite Canzonet of Alcanzor and Zayda, A Moorish Tale

Addio di Londra alla Signora Meinel Al Venerdi sera 5 Giugno 1772, dopo avere ballate l'ultima volta in Hay Market. Cantata. Di Giovan Gualberto Bottarelli. Musica del Signore Tomasso Giordani Maestro di Cappella Napolitano



Caro Mio Ben

Il barone di Torre Forte

Lady Jane Grey's Lamentation to Lord Guilford Dudley - A Favourite Scotch Song as Sung at Vauxhall

Queen Mary's Lamentation Sung by Sigr. Tenducci at the Pantheon & Mr. Abel's Concert &c. the Instrumental Parts by Sigr. Giordani

The Favourite Songs Sung this Season at Vaux-Hall

The Hermit, a favourite English Ballad by Dr. Beattie, Set to Music with an Accompanyment for the Piano Forte or Harp. The Continuation of the Hermit by Dr. Beattie, Set to Music with an Accompanyment for the Piano Forte, Violin or Harp

The Power of Innocence, A Favourite Ballad

Trois Quartettes Pour le Clavecin, Flûte, Violon et Violoncello.