Adeste Fideles with Variations, Op.403

Airs from Mozart's 12th Mass

An Evening with Lover

Annie L'Isle, with variations

Anvil Chorus

Auld Lang Syne with Brilliant Variations, Op.412


Aurora Borealis Polka

Beautiful Star

Betty Polka, with variations

Brilliant Variations on Hope and the Rose

Buy a Broom with Variations, Op.691

Camille Polka

Capture of Fort Donelson

Dearest Mae

Dixie's Land

El Sinsonte del Camagüey

Enchanting Dreams, Op.425

Eternal Spring

Farewell! If Ever Fondest Prayer

Grobe's Carpet Bag

Grobe's Dream

I Love the Merry Sunshine, Op.754

Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel



Les affectionnés

Les amoureux

Les charmes de l'amitié, Op.102

Les idéales

Les naiades

Lincoln Quick Step

Louisiana Belle

March from Moses in Egypt, Op.1113

Mary of Argyle

Massa's in the Cold Ground with Variations

Mirror Dances

Money Musk, Op.815

Mozart's Favorite Waltz with Variations, Op.752

My Lodging is on the Cold Ground with Variation, Op.808

My Normandy, with Variations

O dolce Concento with Variations, Op.704

O! Susanna with Variations, Op.124

Oh! Lemuel!, Op.157

Old Folks at Home, Op.1983

Old Hundred

Pop Goes the Weasel with Variation, Op.680

Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep with Variation, Op.811

Rosa Lee

Salut a Baltimore

Silver Lake Waltz with Variations, Op.634

Souvenir de Jenny Lind

Stars of Hope

Switzer's Farewell

Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, Op.1580

The Battle of Buena Vista

The Battle of Roanoke Island

The Campbells are Comin with Variation, Op.817

The College Hornpipe with Variations

The Fall of Sebastopol

The Gipsy's Warning

The Heavens are telling the Glory of God Varied, Op.494

The Old Oaken Bucket, Op.1990

The Prince Royal

The Wings of a Dove

Uncle Ned with Variations, Op.126

Variations on Arkansas Traveller

Variations on a Donizetti Waltz

When the Autumn Leaves are Falling

When the Swallows Homeward Fly with Variations

Willie's o the Dark Blue Sea