'Tis Home Where'er the Heart Is

A Light in the Window for Thee

Ah! Fondly I Remember

All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight

Aunt Harriet Becha Stowe

Away Then to the Mountains

Can You Not Read in My Eyes


Come Sweet Angels

Come Take the Gentle Harp of Sorrow

Cremona Waltz

Dear Land of the South

Do I Not Love Thee

Down Below

Dreaming Forever of Thee

Dreaming of Thee

El Dorado Polka

Eleanora Waltz


Et Cetera

Fair Lady, Wake!

Far O'er the Deep Blue Sea

Fatherland! Dear Fatherland!

Few Day's

Flag of the Sunny South

Flora's Festival

Freedom's Muster Drum

Girls Beware

Go and Ask My Mother

Grand Military Waltz

Grand Promenade March

Happy Land Waltz

Hark, Brothers Hark!

Her Heart's Not There

Ho! For a Rover's Life

I Am Far from My Native Home

I Cannot Love Another

I Knew Thou Would'st Return

I Love My Native Land the Best

I Will Meet Thee

I Would Not Die At All

I'll Love Thee Then

I'm Only Sixteen

I'm Still Thine Own

I'm Thine Alone

I'm Thinking of You Now Mary

It Wont Bear Mentioning



Lady Awaken

Leap O'er the Waves

Let Me Sleep My Last Sleep in the Land of My Birth

Let Us Hope for the Best

Let Washington Rest

Let's Sit Down and Talk Together

Linger Not Long

Lizzie Green

Loely Anna

Look Up On That Banner

Look from Thy Lattice, Gentle Lady

Love Strong in Death

Lowland Fanny

Magnolia Polka

Mary Blane

Master and Pupil

Memories of Love

Mr. & Mrs. Snibbs

My Heart's with Thee

My Mountain Kate

None Remember Me

O K Gallopade

O, Have You Seen My Spanish Lady

Oh! Give Me the Mountains

Oh! Have I Not Been True to Thee

Oh! Mount Thy Bright and Gallant Steed

Oh! Soon Return

Oh! While Adown Life's Stream We Glide

Oh, Come to Me, Love, in a Beautiful Dream

On to the Charge!

Our Fireside at Home

Our Flag Is There

Our Hearts Are With Our Native Land

Our Home's on the Dancing Wave

Our Native Land

Piney Point Waltz

Rock Me to Sleep, Mother

Rosalie Clare

Shaker's Quick Step

Somebody's Darling

Song of the Hungarian Exile

Sweet Kitty Neal

The Alpine Horn

The American Boy

The Arlington Waltzes

The Attaché

The Betrothed

The Boarding School

The Bridesmaid

The Bugle Horn

The Cavalier Rode on His Coal Black Steed

The Cot in the Valley

The Dying Girl

The Dying Trumpeter

The Fairmount Quadrilles

The Fairy Bridal

The Fall of Mexico

The Fine Old Southern Lady

The Flag of Cuba

The Fountain Polka

The Indian Polka

The Jackdaws

The Jenny Lind Song

The Kentucky Gentleman

The Knight from Palestine

The Ladie's Man

The Lake Spirit's Song

The Light Canoe

The Loved One

The Minstrel's Return from the War

The Moon Is Dancing on the Sea

The Mountain Bugle

The Mournful Good Night

The Nahant Quadrilles

The New Brighton Quadrilles

The Oddfellow's March

The Old Church

The Old Elm Tree

The Old Family Clock

The Parting Song

The Prisoner and the Swallow

The Saint of Erins Isle

The Sea Bird

The Single Man

The Soldier's Farewell

The South

The Stonewall Quickstep

The Union Forever!

The Unknown Dead

The Very Little Maid

The Vivandiere

The Voice of the Waves

The Whig Rally

The Young Volunteer

There's Love for You & Me

They Said Thou Wer't Another's

Twine a Laurel Wreath

Union Quick Step

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Village Belle

We're Afloat

We're out upon the moonlit wave

When Thou Wer't True

Where Art Thou!

Where the Sweet Magnolia Grows

While the Evening Star Was Shining

Why Comes He Not?

Will You Love Me, Jennie Dear

You Are Going to the Wars, Willie Boy!

You Cannot Doubt My Love

You Remember When We Parted