10 Rhapsodie Etudes, Op.42

4 Futurist Dances

A Dramatic Choral Symphony, Op.48

An Enchanted Garden

An Illuminated Symphony, Apollo and the Seaman, A Poem on Immortality

Andante and Presto, Op.6 No.2

Annabel Lee, Op.41b

Auld Lang Syne Variations for Orchestra


Bronwen Overture, Op.75

Clarinet Quintet No.1

Dylan, Op.53

Fantasie-sonate for violoncello and pianoforte, Op.19

First quartet, fantasie in D minor, Op.17b

Five Songs, Op.54

Four Dances, Op.20

Grand prelude and fugue for the organ, Op.63

Grande suite moderne

Hymn Tunes and Anthems

Impressions of a Tour

Jamaican Dances for the Young, Op.85

List of Complete Works

Long Ago, Op.79

Marino Faliero, Op.41 No.1

Nocturne 'Fairyland', Op.57 No.1

Piano Concerto No.1 'The Song of Gwyn ap Nudd', Op.52

Pierrot and Pierrette

Poem No.1 ''The Raven'', Op.25

Poem No.4 'Ulalume', Op.35

Poem No.7 "Queen Mab"

Romantic Suite for Piano, Op.18

Serenade for 12 Instruments, Op.61b

Sextet [No.2] in F minor, Op.33

String Quartet No.2 ''Song and Dance''

String Quartet No.2 'Impressions'

String Sextet

Symphony No.1 'Les Hommages', Op.40

Symphony No.3 ('Ships'), Op.90

Taliessin's Song

Ten Piano Pieces, Op.4

The Bells, Op.50a

The Children of Don, Op.56

The Pickwick club; a humoreske in two parts

The Red Masque, Op.66

The Viking, Poem No.2 for Grand Orchestra after Longfellow's Poem 'The Skeleton in Armour'

The Wild Fowl, Fantasie from The Children of Don, Op.56b

The WizardThe Enchanter

Three Blind Mice, Op.37, No.1

Three Dramatic Songs for Soprano (or Tenor) Voice, String Quartet, and Pianoforte, Op.69

Three Mezzotints, Op.55

[[:Category:Byron, George Gordon|Byron]], Op.39