Accuracy Guarantee

While we make every effort to ensure errors do not appear in our editions, from time to time you may encounter an error in notation. To make sure you receive the highest quality parts, Performer's Edition offers you a free replacement part if you find an error in notation. Please note that this offer does not apply to Performer's Reprints, which are not edited by Performer's Edition.

If you find an error, please contact us to submit the information. If our research verifies the error, we will correct the part and provide you with a complimentary corrected part. Please note that some notational items vary between editions and interpretations, so differences in articulations and phrasing between our parts and other editions may not be errors.

For printed parts, a complimentary printed replacement will be provided within the first 2 years of purchase. After 2 years a digital replacement will be provided. A valid sales receipt may be required if the music was not purchased directly from Performer's Edition. For digital downloads, a digital replacement will be provided.


All of our documents are printed on demand and are not held in inventory. As a result, we are only able to accept returns due to an error in the fulfillment of your order. To request a return authorization within 30 days of your order shipping, please contact us.

All Performer's Reprints are special orders. Your credit card will be charged upon order and once printed, we cannot issue a refund.